Dear Godbrothers and Godsisters,

For the pleasure of Guru Maharaj, please find below a report of the 69th Vyasa Puja celebrated in Melbourne, Australia.

Guru Maharaj’s 69th Vyasa puja was celebrated by the disciples, aspiring disciples and well wishers with great enthusiasm on Monday, 23 July (Sayana Ekadasi). We were few, celebration was small but sweet and was for the pleasure of Gurumaharaj.

The festival was hosted by Guru maharaj’s disciple HG Atma Tattva prabhu and his good wife HG Savitree Sundari Devi mataji at their residence in Melton South, Victoria.

Everything was planned. Preparations had started long before in the minds of devotees. First and foremost, the prasadam menu for Gurumaharaj was decided upon, thereafter the decorations and then the sequence of the program was set

During the weekend preceding vyasa puja, we went shopping for the bhoga, fresh flowers (fragrant white “early cheers” and different coloured “roses”).

On the eve of vyasa puja preparation for some of the prasadam items and garlands had already started.

On vyasa puja day, we started early after japa so that everything is ready before the ceremony start at 5pm. There were several devotees who help dedicatingly and lovingly to make all the preparations. By the grace of Guru Maharaj everything went smoothly and we were on time.

The following prasadam item were ready: sweet potato noodle, spinach-cheese ball gravy, Gauranga potato, pumpkin soup, saboo dana and veggies mixed, chutney, pesto, quinoa pizza, buckwheat muffins, sama rice kheer, coconut drops coriander coffee and a buckwheat and almond meal cake.

HG Savitree Sundari Mataji lead the decoration seva. Guru maharaj’s asana was decorated with fresh flower bouquets and he was garlanded with fresh garlands made of fragrant “Early cheers”.

There were around 15 devotees in attendance. HG Kalanidhi prabhu (Lok disciple) presented the programme. After 15 mins of singing Hare Krsna, Bhakta Ashik sang “Ohe Vaisnava Thakura”. Thereafter, we read Guru Maharaj’s offering for 117th Vyasa Puja of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Thereafter each disciple read his offering to Srila Gurudev. Well wishers also expressed their appreciation, and glories of Guru Maharaj. HG Shyamasundara prabhu from India, disciple of HH Bhakti Charu Maharaj shared his experience and encounter he had with Guru Maharaj in India and how he did served him. Then Gurumaharaj was offered all the prepared prasadam.

After a kirtan sung by HG Atma Tattva prabhu, we did pushapanjali. We then performed Guru Puja arati during which HG Kalanidhi prabhu sang Gurvastakam followed by Hare Krsna Mahamantra ecstatic kirtan. I was very fortunate of having the opportunity to perform arati of Guru Maharaj on this most auspicious day. The festival ended at 7.30 and everyone was served full prasadam. The program had ended but while taking the sumptuous Maha prasadam, Guru Maharaj’s glories were still emanating from devotees lips.

We hope and pray that this small endeavour will be pleasing to Guru maharaj and that he may continue to shower his blessings to all of us so that we always remain a servant of His Holiness and Srila Prabhupada and his ISKCON.

Dasa dasanudas
Sunanda Das


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