HH Lokanath Swami Maharaja’s 85th Vyasa-Puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada


krpa- bindu diya, Karo’ei dase.
trnapekha ati hina
sakala sahane, bala diya koro’,
nija-mane sprha- hina

“Gurudeva, by a drop of mercy, make this servant of yours humbler than a blade of grass. Giving me strength to bear all trials and troubles, make me devoid of all desires for personal honor.”

Dear Sirla Prabhupada,
Hastinapura (Delhi) is the site of many of your initial inspirations. In this city you struggled to sell your Back to Godhead magazine and printed your first books, the Srimad-Bhagavatam. The same shops and markets from which you asked help to go to America and prech bhagavata–dharma we also go to making life members, distributing your books and chanting hari-nama. Many people we see say to us, “Oh, I Knew Swamiji. We could have never known he would do what he did.” Just as Lord Krsna’s friends and relatives didn’t know of his divine origin, your pastimes here have similarly unfolded.

Hastinapura (Delhi) is a place where you manifested your opulences of tolerance, fortitude, great faith, and, of course, patience. Whenever the heat becomes intolerable, the dust overcoming, or the people not respective, the devotees here relish remembering the great strength of purpose you exhibited in the very same circumstances. The example in your biography is given that your fervent desire to distribute Back to Godhead did not wane even in the 100 degree heat, and consequent heatstroke. Nor did your enthusiasm diminish when the numberless politicians and karorapatis refused to help you. Because of your example there is no turning back from the preching endeavor. You have given the formula by which the whole world can become Krsna conscious.

We find it difficult to understand the extent to which Lord Krsna has manifested His mercy in you. Looking to the past where ignorance was preeminent we cannot fathom the change you have accomplished in our lives. From various levels of ignorance, like small insects without a clue where to go or what to do, you have changed animal-like individuals into devotees. It’s unfortunate that the dense layers of ahankara have not left our consciousness – for descriptive words from persons not advanced only shadow your illustrious character. Through the agency of your mercy so many living entities are now and in the future able to be freed from the cycle of birth and death to attain to the param dhama, their original home.

Not within the expanse of the entire Vedic history on record has there ever been a personality as magnificant as yourself. The Vedic culture, reaching in nadir in the middle of this century, diminished to a faint glow, almost indistinguishable. From the core of that ailing body a personality came so dynamic and wonderfully compassionate, that again the pure teachings of the Vedic texts are being presented in every part of the world. In only 15 years one person out of every 40, has received transcendental literature about pure Krsna consciousness.

Your glories will continue to expand unlimitedly over the next 10,000 years. You will be looked upon as the sole devotee responsible for delivering Lord Caitanya’s mercy to billions of living entities. Every individual will be inspired by your great love for the Lord and thus be saved from repeated birth and death. Only one of the greatest and most intimate devotees of the Lord could accomplish such an astonishing feat. It is to you that the credit will go; Lord Caitanya has made it so. We can only wonder at our great fortune to have seen you walk in our midst. Please grant us just one drop of your mercy to enable us to praise you commensurate with your exalted self.

Eternally yours,
Lokanath Swami


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