Damodardesh (Dubai)

Dear Guru Maharaja,
Please accept my humble obeisance’s at your lotus feet.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please find below your divine 69th Vyas puja celebration report from Damordardesh.

On 23rd evening we all assembled at HG Rukmini Mohan prabhu’s house. Program started at around 7:30 pm with wonderful kirtan by HG Parkiya Bhava prabhu & HG Keshav Bharati prabhu. Then HG Kalindi Krishna mataji read her offering to you and one by one all of us read out our offerings. All the offerings were nicely compiled in the form of small book by HG Rukmini Mohan prabhu & HG Sri Vrinda mataji. Ekadashi bhoga was prepared by HG Kalindi Krishna mataji, HG Sri Vrinda mataji and HG Vaishali Mataji and a special Ekadashi cake to celebrate your Birthday. While the bhoga offering was on, we all listened to your English message to all your disciples around the world.

After this Guru arati performed by HG Rukmini Mohan prabhu and sung by HG Parkiya bhava Prabhu and then we all offered pushpanjali.

Finally, we all had nice Ekadashi prasad and program was concluded at around 11:30pm.

On 28th we all celebrated your smriti Vyas puja on a grand scale at Emarald Hall. We invited all senior devotees and well-wisher from Damodardesh (Dubai) & Shyamadesh (Sharjah) for the event. We had several disciple’s meetings prior to this event. HG Kalindi Krishna mataji lead the program management and was aptly supported by all god brothers and sisters. It was a well-organized event, and everyone present has appreciated it.

So, the program started at 7pm with Kirtan by HG Swarup Damodar prabhu and he also sung “Sunder te dhayna”. Sri Vallabha prabhu our yatra leader started his offering by reading HH Jayapataka Maharaja offering to you and then he further glorified you by mentioning many of your invaluable contributions to the movement like Bullock cart padayatra, your preaching endeavor throughout the world and of course your intoxicating kirtan. Similarly, other devotees glorified you amongst them were HG Swarup Damodar Prabhu, HG Parmeshvar Gaur Prabhu, HG Tulasi Govind Prabhu, HG Nanda Kumar Prabhu, HG Radhapada Pankaj Prabhu, HG Chittahari Prabhu, HG Shyamalangi Mataji, HG Sita Charu Mataji and many other devotees. Finally, HG Kalindi Krishna mataji and HG Sunil prabhu glorified you. As they are moving to Pune soon, HG Sri Vallabha prabhu glorified the family for their contribution to the yatra especially during the early time of the movement in Dadodardesh. Prabhu has presented Govardhan book to Mataji and prabhu on behalf of Damodardesh yatra. And HG Chittahari prabhu presented replica of Lord Vitthal Rukmini which he brought from Pandharpur and a copy of “Bombay is my Office” to HG Sri Vallbha Prabhu & family.

After this Gurupuja was performed by HG Parkiya Bhava Prabhu and sung by HG Sri Vallabha Prabhu followed by pushpanjali.

Then all the devotees honored sumptuous prasad prepared by the Lok disciples. Approximately, 100 devotees attended smriti Vyas puja celebration. The program was very wonderful, joyful and everyone enjoyed. It was a collective effort of all your disciples. Everyone has very enthusiastically participated in serving all the Vaishnava’s.

On behalf of all the god brothers and sisters in Damodardesh, I take this opportunity to thank HG Kalindi Krishna Mataji, HG Rukmini Mohan Prabhu and HG Sri Vrinda mataji for their extraordinary seva for making this event successful.

Your eternal servant,
Parmeshvar Thakur Dasa.


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