• We are very much thankful to you mataji for helping us getting the precious jewel of our Gurudev, his life and soul of our Maharaja – Vraaj Mandal Darsan. We got the 60 copies on first january 2016. We were very very happy. The first day itself we distributed around 20 copies and up to now we are left with only 15 copies . The book is really very special. May be very soon we will bring more books.

    Sundarachal Dasa
  • Thanks to take me to vraja – mandala Darshana mentally. Enjoyed reading.Very well presented. I felt as if I was walking with Vaishnavas. I was absorbed while reading. You literary transported me to vraja bhoomi at least for the timebeing.I am keen and serious to participate in 2016 Kartik Vraja Parikrama.

    Deenbandhu Dasa
  • Lokanath Maharaja, Haribol!! Lokanath Swami Maharaja has been going for decades taking hundreds and hundreds and thousands of devotees on Vraja mandala Parikrama and he has compiled this book with all the information that he has researched and all the realisations that he has and all the enthusiasm is incredible and all the devotees had been with him. And now here I, we, have Vraja-mandala Darsana, a thirty days Parikrama series. Haribol!!.I don’t have to ask you to purchase a book. I don’t think you could resist.

    Radhanath Swami


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