Hare krsna to our dear family members,
Pls accept my humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
All glories to guru maharaj.

We are a few disciples of our beloved Guru maharaj here in Dubai,50% i would say travelled to india to be in pandharpur dham for vysa puja. 2 devotees Ravi prabhu and prashant prabhus got initiated in Pandharpur with their respective names H.G RUKMINI Mohan Dasa and H.G Prabhupada Vani Dasa.We were few about 10 of us who celebrated in a small way at our godsister Tulsi priya mataji’s place who resides in Sharjah with her prabhu H.G Murali Vadan prabhuji. It was a working day for all so most of them reached only by 9pm.

We started with some kirtanas followed by disciples reading their offerings or shaing their realisations with Guru Maharaja. We had few others devotees of Prabhupada’s family as well who spoke and glorified Guru Maharaja.

First and foremost H.G Murali Vadan Prabhu spoke then H.G Parameshwar prabhu, Parikiya bhav Prabhu,H.G Acintya Roop Prabhu followed by matajis – myself Shyamalangi dd and H.G Tulsi puja devi dasi

Guru puja was offered after offerings which was led by H.G Parikiyabhav Prabhuji with short kirtana since the next day was a working day. We then did pushpanjali to Guru Maharaja followed by delicious ekadashi prasad.
The cooking team under Tulsi puja mataji made samo rice, aloo subs , chutney,pakodas, sheera and kheer
I made boiled peanut salad, sabudana kichdi,peanut jaggery ladies. The cake made by H.G Beena Mataji. Fruit salad and vegetable salad was made by H.G Balabhadra Prabhuji and papad by Priya mataji

We all honoured prasad and were back home by midnight. We all were happy to be a part of this wonderful celebration.

2 weeks before on 21st july we celebrated Smriti vysa puja mahotsav in a very grand way at our Jagannath home.Our temple president H.G Shri Vallabha Prabhuji graced the occasion attended by other senior vaisnavas. There were around 140 devotees who came.

It was wonderful teamwork by disciples to organise and celebarte it in such a grand way where we got to hear from other devotees.H.G Tulsi Govind Prabhu narrated about his expereince with Guru Maharaja in Pandharpur dham where they had been in a group of devotees from Damodardesh who were accompanied by Gurudev to show them around. They even went to Gopalpura in Pandharpur.

our president recalls maharaj s padyatra project and how he wanted to fulfill prabhuapadas request that he wanted to do parikrama during his last days.We started with kirtans from 7pm onwards then followed by offerings from various devotees ,then we heard bgita class by Shri Vallabha prabhuji stating the importance of guru.
We then had guru puja arati followed by puspanjali then maha prasad for all.

We could try our best to serve due to blessings by H.G Radha pandharinath Prabhuji and the guidance of H.G Cithari prabhu. Few local disciples were in india this time. Remaining others all were involved with some or the other seva.
All matajis including Kalindi Krsna, Chandrika mataji, Tulsi puja mataji, Sarita mataji & Sudevi mtaji assisted in cooking. Our menu for the evening was puris choler, clourful poha, dahi
chaat,papadi,pakodas,dhoklas,chutney,fruitsalad,sprouts salad,cake,gulab jamuns.
3 big cakes each made by Nilu , Sarita and Beena matajis

We served welcome drinks of fresh lemon juice made by H.G Prabhupada Vani Prabhu and team.

H.G Rukmini Mohan prabhu is our camera person who is expert in his seva to capture picts

Flowers seva on both days was taken by H.G Kunal prabhu and team.

Everyone was happy they had a nice evening of Bhakti glorifying pure soul and hearing abt Guru&Gauranga.All honoured prasad nicely .

This was a short journey of vysa puja celebration of our dearest Guru Maharaja. kindly forgive me for offences.
Attached are few pictures.

your fallen godsister
Shyamalangi devi dasi


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