HH Lokanath Swami Maharaja’s 81st Vyasa-Puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada


Dear Srila Prabhupada,
Please kindly accept my most prostrated obeisances at your lotus feet.
Unlimited Glories to you. Your Divine Grace, The only reason I am in this unwanted existence is that I have misused the minute independence given to me by Krsna. I have been trying my best to lord over the material world from time immemorial. But each time the Lord’s external energy, maya, was kicking me. And the Lord ultimately made me bhagyavan, fortunate, and has brought me to your lotus feet. You are the external manifestation of Parmatma, and you are the representative of the Lord. Now I am totally at your mercy. And now I do not know anyone else except you as my Lord and the controller of all my wanderings.

Once upon a time I was situated on the spiritual planet where the predominating Deity is the Lord Himself. And now once again I am situated on the ISKCON planet, where you are the predominating Deity. But unfortunately I am the same person with the same age-old propensity of being independent. So now at this stage I repeatedly pray at your lotus feet – O vice-lord, be kind enough to take my minute independence away. Do not offer me the choice but your service, I have no power to discriminate and do not have any understanding of my own self interest, na te viduh svartha-gatim hi visum (Srimad–Bhagavatam 7.5.1). So I beg that you make me your slave eternally and do not allow me to speculate or make plans of my own. I fell down from the spiritual sky and now your mercy manifestation ISKCON has picked me up. But if I fall down from the ISKCON planet there is no other hope for me. Let all my own plans go to hell. Let only your plans and work get done. Let only your desire get fulfilled. And as an obedient slave, let your desire become my desire. O Srila Prabhupada, please fulfill this, the only desire of mine, and no more.

Always praying this, we eternally remain your servants,
Lokanath Swami


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