Vyasa Puja Celebrations Hungary 2016

My dear Gurumaharaj,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

For your 67.Vyasa Puja, I ve sent my offering letter to my preaching group.
After that came the idea to invite Sri Sri Rádha Syamasundara from new VrajaDhama to come and visit us in Budapest. After lots of preparations we organized a garden party.

The first preparation was that we had organized a japathon a week before the party. A lots of devotees came, and some of them made 32, some 64 rounds. There was one devotee who made 126 rounds. It will became a tradition.
We got lots of roses for donation and we prepared lots of flower decorations. We managedt lots vegetables, fruits, ahimsa joghurt, ghee and flour, from the Krishna Valley.
One of my friends with her helping friend prepared in the pujari kitchen of the Budapest Temple a 12 course Raja Bhoga feast. Lot of devotees brought with themselves cakes, salty snacks, fruits, flowers. One of the devotees prepared your birthday cake. Lots of devotees helped in the preparation of flower decoration and also lot of them helped in the preparation of open air sabji…. At the end be cause of heavy rain, the programme took place inside the house. All the bhajan participant devotees had arrived. After short kind words for organisation of the event, I offered to you my service.

I preformed the Iskcon Guru Puja for you,and my initiated friends offered flowers to their gurus. After that my Brahmana friend preformed arati to my Shrila Prabhupad deitie. Than arrived the cake that I had offered to you.
The bhajan team guided downd the little Radha Shyamasundar deities from the temple room on the first floor. The group memebers read and sing really nive prayers to the Deitite After that Isvara Krisna Prabhu had a lecture, you rememeber my old groupleader, it was about the writings of Hari Sauri. And the main pujari of Krisna Valley talked about the glory of the Holy Name, and about the adoration of deities. There was a lovely indian dance performance.

After that we have offered to the lords the Raja bhoga, and to you all the other bhoga, that we mad with love for you. Than we had a big feast, where all the 45 devotess where served. And after a kirtan we had a nice cleaning.
We think of you with lot of love, and we wish you a beautifull service at the lotus feet of your guru, Srila Prabhupada!

I am very greatfull and lucky to serve you!

Your servant:
Tulasi Krisna dasi


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