Melbourne Australia

Hare Krishna!
Dear Guru Maharaja,

Please accept our humble obeisance to your divine lotus feet! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada !

By your causeless mercy, we celebrated your auspicious 69th Vyas Puja at HG Nitaichand Prabhu’s residence in Melbourne Australia.

It was a very heart felt event attended by following devotees:

HG Jitendriya Prabhu,
HG Sadhabushan Prabhu & his wife and a beautiful daughter, Tulsi.
Bhakt Devansh Pr. & Bhaktin Pooja Mataji with their son Madhav.
HG Nitaichand Pr. & HG Ratikeli Mataji,
Madhava Sevak Das & HG Madhava Seevika Devi Dasi, Bhakt Shivek, Bhaktin Prajna

Vyas puja celebration started with a joyful spirit & ecstatic Kirtan. It became emotionally very intense when all the assembled devotees started sharing their offerings / realizations of your divine qualities, your dedication towards Srila Prabhupada and your causeless mercy. We went through your offering to Srila Prabhupada, which make us realize to some extent, your deep pure love towards his divine grace. The maha garlands from Sri Radha vallbha , Gaura Nitai, Jagannath baladev and subhadra ji presiding deities of melbourne Mahaprabhu mandir were offered to you and Srila Prabhupada. This was followed by Guru Puja, Pushpanjali and Bhoga offering prepared by the assembled devotees. We are thankful to Mayapur TV, to take us directly to Pandharpur dham in your association thereafter.

Personally, we missed the event at Pandharpur this year but in the loving association of God Brothers and God Sisters, we are able to realise your presence and love as one family.

We hope that this small offering at your divine lotus feet from your disciples at Melbourne will please you. Attached are few photographs of the event.

Your humble servants,
Melbourne Family, Australia


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