Vyasa Puja Celebrations New Jersey 2015

Dear God Brothers and Sisters,
Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Guru Maharaj and Srila Prabhupad.
 We had a wonderful Vyasa Puja celebration on Jul 27th Monday evening. Thank you all for your dedication and participation, HG Audarya Gauranga Prabhuji kindly hosted the event. All the disciples, Aspiring disciples, and well wishers joined the celebration. Even though it was working day,  all of the devotees very enthusiastically participated. Celebration  is started with Invocation Prayers, then HG Dhir Govinda Prabhuji Garlanded Guru Maharaj Vyasa Puja Picture, followed by ecstatic kirtan, especially Guru Maharaj’s tunes. After that Simhesvara das gave a small speech regarding Guru Tatva  and importance of strictly following Guru Maharaj’s instructions. Followed by Video presentation, by Bhkta Vinit Thakur Prabhuji and Govinda Nandini Mataji. Presentation was Guru Maharj’s interview, various clips of Pada yathra, Maharj’s kirtan and Lectures. It was so nice that we felt Maharaj came and spoke with  us.  Govinda Nandini Mataji presented about the Vraja Mandal Darshan book. Then we offered Guru Maharaj Ekadashi feast. Every disciples read their Vyasa puja offering. Then we had Pushpanjali and Guru Puja. After that we had wonderful Ekadashi feast cooked by Matajis. It was a very memorable event.
Please see below the Vyasa Puja Pictures uploaded in Picasa Web. Please click on the Picture or link. Please let me know if there is any difficulties.
Hare Krishna Dinanukampa Mataji, if possible kindly  post this in to Loka Sanga.
Your insignificant  Servant
Simhesvara Das, New Jersey
https://plus.google.com/photos/100564147192720493425/albums/6179713125064580529?gpinv=AMIXal-HKdRy3r9R44db0JTEY5F_w8BFheEs9CLEtqF7N-iOW-V3pjt-a_dr1JZYczSyur4IHrmxbFNgzgO-8QwOyJifil5TADdUzEEcvkzJN8DKKynMJgo&cfem=1" target="_blank">View More Images


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