New Jersey

Vyasa Puja Report,
 New Jersey                                                       
July 23rd, 2018. 
Nama Om Vishnupadaya Krishna Preshtaya Bhutale 
Srimate Lokanath Swamin iti namine. 
Dear Srila Gurudev,

Dandavat Pranamas at your divine Lotus feet. All glories to you . All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This is a humble report  of Vyasa Puja celebration from  New Jersey disciples and aspiring disciples celebrated 69th Vyasa puja on July 23rd, 2018, 6:00 PM in New Jersey. The festival was hosted by HG Ramachandra Prabhu and HG Madhavi Sita mataji at their residence in Parsippany.

It was a beautiful day on July 23rd  Monday here in New Jersey.  We were all delighted to host the celebration on the same day of Ashada Ekadashi, appearance day of our Srila Gurudev. This we were planning almost for a month. Had couple of meetings and lots of e-mail communications with disciples  and aspiring disciples  how to organize a grant Vyasa puja celebration  and make it as a memorable one. After the celebration we all felt, it was  one of  the great event and we all humbled by the mood of devotees and their services for the celebration. Devotees commented, “ It was a memorable one”.

Devotees and disciples  arrived around 6 PM.  HG Dhir Govinda Prabhu and HG Vallabhacharya Prabhu brought Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundar’s Maha Garaland from temple for Srila Gurudev. Well before,  Ramachandra Prabhuji and Madhavi Sita mataji decorated the Altar, and nicely arranged an ‘Asan’  for Srila Gurudev. Simhesvara Das brought the Srila Gurudev’s picture frame, Everybody together, seated Srila Gurudev on the ‘asan. Chanted Guru Dev’s pranam mantra, offered flowers at the lotus feet of Srila Gurudev. HG Dhirgovinda Prabhu garlanded Srila Gurudev.

All New Jersey disciples and aspiring disciples were present, HG Ramachandra Das Prabhuji, HG Madhavi Sita Devii Dasi Mataji  HG Dhir Govinda Das  Prabhuji, HG Govinda Nandini  Devi Dasi Mataji, Simhesvara Das, HG Vraja Kishori Devi Dasi , HG Audarya Gauranga Das Prabhuji, Bhaktin Maruti Mataji, HG Vallabhacharya Das Prabhuji, HG Yoshoda Gopi Devi Dasi Mataji, Bhakta Mahesh Patel Prabhuji,  Bhaktin Jyothi Mataji, Bhakta Deepak Motwani  Prabhuji and few families of well-wishers. This is the second year we conducted without  HG Radha Shyam Mataji (Passed away 2 years back). Mataji was very enthusiastic to organize  Srila Gurdev’s Vyasa Puja every year.

We started the program with Kirtans. HG Ramachandra Prabhu, addressed Vyasa Puja mentioned importance of devotees together Serve Srila Gurudev and Srila Prabhupada’s mission.

HG Audarya Gaunranga Prabhuji put together Srila Gurudev’s Video presentation. This Video was Guru Maharaj’s 69th Vyasa Puja address recorded in Padharpur. It was very ecstatic to see and hear Srila Gurudev. Guru Maharaj mentioned , “Today is my 69th birthday, when thought about significance of 69, this is the same age Srila Prabhupada started the journey to New York. ISKCON mission is started after  that”. Also mentioned “Srila Gurudev has many projects, need to complete in order.  We all reiterated our commitment to assist  Srila Gurudev’s mission.

After that Simhsvara Das presented , Srila Gurudev’s ‘Vani’,  quotes from Gurudev’s lecture  on  the screen. It is full of nectars, seeing and reading ,  Srila Gurudev revealing the confidential secrets of Devotion and its aspects.

After the presentation, we started to offer Ekadashi Bhoga to Srila Gurudev. There were many Ekadashi preparations. Entire table of Bhoga Offerings. HG Govinda Nandini Mataji and HG Madhavi Sita Mataji coordinated to make Bhoga for Srila Gurudev. There were more than 30 varieties of Ekadashi preparations, wondered, these many Ekadashi preparations are possible?!!. Vraja Kishori Devi Dasi, Audarya Gauranga Prabhuji, Maruti Mataji, Yashoda Gopi Mataji, Vallabhacharya prabhuji, Jyothi mataji, Ramachandra prabhuj, Simhesvara das  all were very enthusiastic to bring bhoga and  offering to Srila Gurudev. After all the bhoga arranged on a nice table in front of Srila Guru Dev, HG Govinda Nandini Mataji offered the Bhoga to Srila Guru Dev.

While offering was going on Desciples and Aspiring desciples started to read their offering to Srila Guru Dev. Started with HG Dhir Govinda Prabhuji, then one by one. Vraja Kishori devi Dasi, Govonda Nandini mataji, Jyothi Mataji, Maruthi Mataji, Yashoda Gopi Mataji, Jyothi Mataji, Madhavi Sita Mataji, Vallabhacharya Prabhuji, Audarya Gauranga Prabhuji, Mahesh Prabhuji, Simhesvara Das and Ramachandra prabhuji read/spoke their Vyasa Puja offering. Reading and realizations were  very ecstatic, touching and enlivening. Jyothi Mataji mentioned about the dream, Srila Gurudev appeared and mataji offering various Bhoga to Srila Gurudev. It was just a week before the Srila Gurudev a week before the Vyasa Puja. Mataji prepared the same dishes to Srila Gurudev.

After the offering is done,  we all stood up for “Pushpanjali”. Hall was filled with more than 30 devotees. All were very much in the mood of offering themselves at the divine lotus feet of the Srila Gurudev. Recited the Guru Pranam Mantra and Guru Parampara  Mantras, then Pushpanjali 3 times at the divine lotus feet of Srila Guru Dev. Everybody was enthusiastic to offer  their pushpanajali  and obeisance.

Then we had Guru Puja. Everybody involved in the Kirtan and  Guru Ashtakam followed by  ‘Narasimha’ Prayer. After that we cut the cake for Srila Guru Dev’s 69th Vyasa Puja. When we looked at the clock, it was 9:30 PM.

Then we relished delicious Ekadashi prasadam together  . Everybody was appreciating the prasadam,  applauded the cook , Matajis, who prepared various dishes.

Everybody cheered and thanked each other for their services to Srila Gurudev’s Vyasa puja  celebration, a memorable one.

Hare Krishna
Most insignificant and aspiring servant 
Simhesvara Das,
New Jersey


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