Thailand 2018

Hare Krishna Dear Guru Maharaja.
Please accept My humble obeisances.
All glories to Guru and Gauranga.

By your great mercy we samui island (Thailand) devotees celebrated your auspicious 69th vyasa puja at our place.Previously only  Samui island devotees celebrated your Vyasa Puja. But this year, it was celebrated in two other major cities. Bangkok and Pattaya temples also organized the vyasa puja.

In bangkok temple our newly initiated god brother HG Muralidhar Krishna Prabhu sponsored Ekadasi feast for all the devotees. They held a glorification section for the senior devotees and Muralidhar Krishna Prabhu himself. After the Vyasa Puja glorification, they had puspanjali offering and ended with delicious Ekadsi prasadam. Ekadashi prasad was served to keep the enthusiasm going on. Around 150 devotees participated.

In pattaya our god brother Sri Narsimba prabhu called me one day before the Vyasa Puja. He asked me how to organize and celebrate the  Vyasa  Puja. Sri Narsimba and his wife Bhaktin Radha Mataji alone did all the cooking. They made 4 ekadashi items and a beautiful and delicious cake. Around 40 devotees had attended the program. The program started with vaishnav bhajan and kirtan, followed by pushpanjali, glorification and ended with healthy ekadashi prashad.

In Samui island we have the majority of your disciple with around 30 disciples. On the Vyasa puja day, we start the day with Mangala Arati at Shyamkunda Das’s house and all the disciples had gathered. After the mangala arati, we chanted together until 7am which you wanted. From 7 to 9 am, all of the disciples cooked Ekadasi prasadam and we started the program from 9am onwards.

Our program was headed with Vaishnava Bajan, Kirtan, puspanjali ,Guru Arati and we finished with ekadashi prasad. Guru Maharaj you recently visited our place and you stole our heart. We all disciples are missing you so much and we even couldn’t imagine how lucky we all are. Please always shower your mercy on us.

Your Servant
Shyam Kunda Das
Samui island


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