Vyasa Puja Celebrations Vrindavana 2016

Dear Guru Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I am writing this letter on behalf of all of your disciples in sri vrindavan dham regarding the celebration of your 67th vyasa puja here. Even though all over the world the devotees celebrated your 67th Vyasa Puja on the Sayana Ekadasi day but here in Vrindavan we celebrated on the 16th of July (Dwadasi day) as per your

Just few days before Vyasa Puja we had a disciple meeting concerning the vyasa puja celebration of your divine self. In the meeting, it was decided to have the function done in a more unusual but unique way for the pleasure of Your Holiness. following are the events that took place on that holy occasion.

On the Vyasa Puja day, Srila Prabhupada Samadhi, the temple hall and the three altars were gorgeously decorated with the flowers as an offering to the deities on your behalf. we had hold the program right from early in the morning. his grace radhakunda pr. led the Mangal arati kirtan (Vibhavari Shesa), H.G. Radhashyamsundar Prabhu led the Guru Puja and H.G. vitthal rukmini Das Prabhu led the Sandhya Arati kirtan. We celebrated your Vyasa Puja in the Balaram Hall; the hall was decorated with the beautiful flowers, Rangolis, logs of banana trees and with other decorative materials. during the bhagvatam class, we had a hindi video lecture of yours put up to show to everyone which was much applauded by the audience. Right after the class the devotees decorated the Vyasasana of yours and Srila Prabhupadas with beautiful flowers, garlands and fruits. We began the program with Vaishnava Bhajans and Kirtans by Kirtan premi Prabhu, hari bhajan Prabhu and 24 hours Kirtan party members.

The Kirtan was very ecstatic and all the devotees were fully blessed. The Kirtan program ended at 11:30 am. we continued the program with glorification by many senior devotees and disciples including H.G. dadhi bhaksha Prabhu, H.H. bhakti dhira damodar swami maharaj and others. the speakers poured out their heart in their glorification in appreciation of your divine self. it was only due to your mercy this time that we had a live video blessing by your holiness which gave solace to those seeking your physical presence on such an eve of one upon whom one might have surrendered everything. like this,The glorification went up to 2.30 pm which was then followed by bhoga offerings cooked by all of your disciples and others, then, pushpanjali and Guru Puja. After the Guru Puja the program was concluded by sumptuous Feast for more than Thousands devotees.

it was an event whereby all the godbrothers and godsisters came together to celebrate it. we are sure that our attempts must have pleased you and the devotees in vrindavan dham. Please bless us so that we can keep celebrating your divine appearance in the Holy Dham of Vrindavan and keep intensifying our faith and remembrance in you.

Here are some pictures depicting the event.

Your servant,
Param Sundar Das


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